Monday, January 26, 2015


I am no expert! But I am ready to learn.... :-)

I was watching a video on youtube on how to cook a particular dish. They made it really look very simple to cook. Then I started wondering that there could be a lot of people just like me who are very new to cooking. They must be looking for a place where they can find easy to cook recipes. Especially how a dish comes out to be if you cook it for the very first time.

So I thought I should start a youtube channel just to share my experiences on how a dish turns out to be when I cook it for the very first time. This way I will keep following my hobby of cooking and perhaps help a few people along the way.

But for now I found writing a blog post easier than starting and managing a youtube channel. I will start a youtube channel as well, but for now I will start with some blog posts.

My home is in Delhi, India. I have been living out of India since past couple of years now. And when you are away from home you gotta have some cooking tricks up your sleeves :).

Enough of sharing where I got my inspiration from.

Hey, I am no expert!!! But lets get cooking... :-)

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