Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chicken n Mayo sandwich - The accidental Valentine's Special :)

Just to remind you it's 14th Feb today. I roll out of my bed this morning totally forgotten that it's Valentine's Day today. I forgot because I was thinking more about Arvind Kejriwal's sworn in cermony. He is Delhi's newly elected cheif minister. And I was thinking about tomorrow's India's world cup first match and that too against Pakistan. It is going to be a craker!!

I am sure real men can now understand why I forgot the Valentine's day but the bigger question is can girls understand?

More over can my wife understand? Answer is a simpe NO!! Hence the panic :). 

What do I do, I asked myself? In such a short notice how can I give her a very nice Valentine's gift?

And therefore I named today's dish - An accidental Valentine's special :). 

Here is what you need:


  • Boiled boneless chicken. 
  • Mayonnaise. 
  • Black pepper. 
  • Salt to taste. 
  • A piece or two of strawberries - its a must if you want that that your wife should spare your life ;). 
  • French salad dressing (optional). 

Cooking Process 

  • Boil chicken in a pressure cooker. Add some salt as well. 
  • Once boiled. Grate the chicken. 
  • Add black pepper, Mayonnaise, french dressing, salt to taste.
  • Mix the dressing well. 
  • Toast the bread with butter. 
  • Spread the chicken paste on bread and cut into traingles. 
  • Decorate it with strawberries. 
  • Here is how the chicken mix should look like. 

Let's Plate up

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Enjoy it with your loved ones. The Valentine's day and this dish :)


  1. Superb dude. Happy valentines day. Cherry dressing is awesome on sandwich...

    1. Thanks bharat bhai. M gald u liked it 😊. I liked your watch too. Very stylish. Happy Valentines Day.