Sunday, March 15, 2015

So, what's up on the dinner menu

Hello folks... The weather here in Vienna is kinda making me lazy and stuck up in bed. So last night I planned to call over some friends for dinner at my place to get rid of "weekend boredom". The chef for the dinner was my wife who recently joined me from India. The menu that we served up was curd chicken and an italian American pasta salad for appetizers. For the main course we had delicious Indian food chole masala and aloo gobhi, the recipes for which shall be uploaded soon.

It just struck my mind to take a look at my previous recipes and see if they could fit anywhere in a dinner menu...?

I was delighted to finally categorize Curd Chicken and Italian American Pasta Salad as appetizers. And Chicken Haleem, Tempering Rice and Palak Paneer for the main course. I'm still working on a doable dessert. 

So if you find yourself in a state of confusion about setting up a dinner menu, this idea may be of little help there. 

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