Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Yummy treat for an extra hour

Finally its that time of the year when you want to save some more day light. Its time to roll forward your watches by an hour. How beautiful the longer days look! You can do so much more with that extra hour. Its time to enjoy the sun bit more. Its time to be happy for an extra hour. Its time to enjoy the company of your loved ones for an extra hour. If you are one of those lazy chaps then you get some more time to be a tad lazier :-). Its 6 pm already and sun is still shining as if summer is calling me out. 

It feels so refreshing. Feels like eating an ice cream or sipping a chilled beer or how about making a dessert for yourself :-).

As I already promised to come up with a doable dessert soon, so here I am with my first hand experience at a dessert. 


  • 1 big apple diced. 
  • 4 to 5 red strawberries. Take fruits of your choice.
  • 50 gms any Sugar. 
  • 2 to 3 pieces of your favorite chocolate. 
  • Honey and flavored yogurt for plating.


  • Put a pan on medium heat. 
  • Pour a small cup of water and add 50 gms sugar. 
  • Add diced apples and strawberries 
  • Mix them well in sugar syrup 
  • Cook them with lid on for just 5 minutes or till apples become tender. 
  • Take the lid off and add 2 pieces of chocolate. 
  • Let the chocolate melt. This will give out chocolate brown color to the mix. 
  • Add crumbled sweet bread of your choice. 
  • Mix them well. 
  • And that's it. Plate it and refrigerate.  

Let's plate up

I decided to plate them in two different styles. 

I am not an expert on desserts. I took inspiration from one of the dishes by Gordon Ramsay and added my twist of sweet bread and yogurt. I hope you will like the dessert. 

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