Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Would I ever leave India? Never! But wait a minute... may be I would

I have been living outside India since more than 2 years now however my strings are still well attached to India. My family is still there. All my friends or at least most of them are still there. And I miss them all the time. Sometimes I ask myself if I get an opportunity to leave India for good will I do that? Will I be able to cut my strings from India and settle abroad?

And in order to weigh the decision I came up with a list of pros and cons which might help in decision making. Here are they, some of them might be funny, some of them are very basic things...

For what I will leave India:

  • Clean Water: I live in Delhi the capital of India, and even there clean water is not available 24 hours a day. We have to use a water purifier to filter the stored tap or underground water before drinking it. I went to India after 1 year and fell sick cause of drinking tap water; It might sound strange but its true. Pity is I had to drink bottled water in my own country.
  • Electricity: very basic need but it has become luxury in India. People spend more money on power inverters, generators than the actual electricity bill that they pay cause electricity is hard to come by.
  • Extreme Heat: In summer the mercury goes as high as 45 degrees and on worst days it has even touched 48 degrees Celsius. Out of 12 at least 8 to 9 months are either hot or rainy. Winters have shrink down from 5 months to just 1 month because of global warming.
  • Air Pollution: Delhi has come in the list of top 10 most polluted cities in the world. As per WHO people have far more chances to get lungs related diseases in Delhi than in any other city in the world. That means they will not give us electricity in the hottest months of year. And now I will suffocate myself as well.
  • Humanity: Humanity is dying, people are ready to fight with each other over petty reasons. Increasing road rage, fights over car park slots. People are generally rude to each other.
  • Traffic: traffic conditions are bad beyond imagination. I used to take two hours to get back home from work. And 1 hour in the morning to reach work place cause I used to leave early to avoid traffic. This certainly affects the quality of life.
  • Infrastructure: Any sports club, swimming pool are not easily available even if you find one you end up shelving a lot of money to keep your body fit. Not enough parking space for cars.
  • Internet speed: yes its true, internet is either not available or a decent speed will cost you too much. 4G is available only in few states let alone LTE.
  • Pay extra to use Credit card: they have diluted the basic principle of using a credit card. One tends to use it when he/she does not have upfront cash or wants to pay the amount after few days. But if u attempt to use a credit card they will charge you extra because bank charges some fee on using credit card machine. 

School admissions for kids, any government work that you would like to get done will take ages, even the standard of Bollywood movies has gone down tremendously and the list goes on and on...

So to paraphrase it - I will take two hours to come home from work place in 48 degree Celsius temperature and traffic jams. Someone will be ready to pick up a fight with me for car parking. Even if I could park my car when I get home chances are there will be no electricity. And no clean water to drink. If I decide to buy any air conditioning using my credit card I will end up paying extra, cause I used credit card!!! After all this if I take a deep breath to pacify myself I will be inhaling too much air pollution :-). 

So the decision seems very easy :-). 

Here is what will keep me rooted to India:

My family and friends. I guess that's it!!!

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